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our mission statement

To digitally deliver professional-quality images for all of your events for a price that won't leave you with red-eye.

our vision

To be the go-to photography service for all of your events throughout the year.


I founded Black Light Photography as a United Marine Corps Veteran with experience taking photos overseas in locations like Africa, Phuket, Malaysia, and various locations around the Mid-western and Coastal West regions.

Also, with my experience working in the Optometry field as a Minnesota State Certified Optician, I have gained a far greater understanding of how lenses adjust the brain's perception of light than most.

Photography is fundamentally the manipulation and storing of light as an image. It isn't, and never will be, just a job, hobby, or simply income. It is an art, a skill, a passion. Pictures are a direct reflection of one's imagination. And, whether it's paint, crayon, pencil, digital, drawn, or glued macaroni, picture art is a beautiful thing.

So, it was about a year ago when a few signs pointed towards reaching out to people and displaying my art through them. Paying and getting paid to produce beautiful picture art.

And, although I am new to this "photography as an actual business" journey, I have many years in business and customer service, and I still I must admit it feels strange to monetize this art I've loved for so long. Oddly, that is a question experts say you should ask yourself to determine if a particular business, or skill, is a fit for your startup idea. Do you love what you do?

I plan to create "organic" pictures by keeping them as unedited/unprocessed as possible by using real-time techniques. And, although I am highly skilled in Adobe, GIMP, PhotoShop Express, Dark Table, DDP4, and many more, I prefer to allow the lighting and camera to control the picture's exposure and vividness.

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